Tournament Rules

Please Note

Bath Country Club dress code will apply. No denim jeans, gym, or short shorts.

Tournament Format

The format is a Scramble or sometimes known as a Captain and Crew. All players on the team tee off. They then select the best ball position of those shots and drop each of the other 3 balls within 1 club length for their next shot, except on the green where the ball must be placed within 6 inches. All balls must be played from the same type of surface as the chosen ball position. For instance, if a ball chosen is laying in the rough, then all players must play their shots from the rough (the on-club-length rule is not intended to improve one’s position, however; this is supposed to be a fun game). The same format is used for subsequent shots through the green. Each team must use each player’s tee shot at least twice. One score will be entered on the card for the team.


Players whose age plus handicap is 80 or greater may use the gold tees, all other men use white tees and Ladies use red tees.


If purchased, team Mulligans can be used by any team player at any time.


Once play is completed it is important that your return your score card to the Pro shop. Mr. Augustine, Bath CC Pro, will report scores to the tournament committee for leaderboard posting .If you would rather not have your score posted, just tell the scorers.The Leader Board will report your round as simply “completed.” However, if you are in the skins game, you will lose out on possibly winning a hole skin and the money that goes with that hole.If no one wins the skins, the funds go to the museum.

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